Hip Pain Relief

What is Hip Pain

This may seem to have an obvious answer, but quite the contrary is that hip pain can be disguised as many different ailments.  The hip and sacroiliac joint are the center holding points for stability in the body.  When there is an injury or sprain in the hips or pelvis this can translate to not only pain found directly in the hip but can radiate into the lower back or even as far away as the neck and legs.  Hip pain commonly occurs when a ligament or ligaments in the pelvic region have been stressed, strained or even torn.  This causes instability in the pelvis and hip, which results in pain, discomfort and limited mobility.

How does the Serola Sacroiliac Belt offer hip pain help?

Hip pain can be extremely distressing and cause issues with quality of life. The Serola Sacroiliac Belt acts as an external ligament holding the joint in normal range of motion.  When the joint is placed into the "Normal Range" the muscles that are constantly tightening or turning on are able to relax.  With the belt holding the body stable the pain being caused by constant muscle contraction is significantly reduced, if not completely gone.  The belt should always be worn during any strenuous activity that involved lifting, bending or twisting.  Wearing the Serola Sacroiliac Belt will greatly reduce your chances of being injured or further injuring your body.  This will help you avoid having to deal with issues such as hip pain, back pain or sciatic hip pain.