January 14, 2021

Pain Relief in Muscles

Sometimes we get aches and pain in muscles, and we are not sure what is the best thing we can do to find relief. Should we take medication, stretch, exercise, apply heat or ice, massage, vibration, etc. Basically, we can classify these types of pain relief to one central cause and effect based on reduced circulation. First, we have to understand muscle tone, which is the state of tension in …

June 16, 2020
Illustration of nutation and counternutation.

Nutation & Counternutation: A Matter of Balance

It is easy to acknowledge that our entire body revolves around our core; it just makes sense. But, aside from recognizing that principle, it is difficult to visualize what is going on in there. When we talk of the core, we are usually thinking about muscles, but the true core is deep within the muscles, i.e. the pelvis. But, even within the pelvis the exact core consists of the joints …

January 21, 2020

The Underlying Biomechanical Cause of Back Pain

It is well established that bending, lifting, and twisting are the movements that cause most back pain. Biomechanically, these actions put more stress on the sacroiliac joints than on the lumbar discs. So, when we consider biomechanical approaches to back, hip, or leg pain, we should first look at the sacroiliac joint because of how forces are transferred through our structure. When force (weight) is transmitted downward through the spine …

December 19, 2019

Sciatica: Causes & Treatment Principles

There are two major causes of sciatica, both of which involve irritation to the sciatic nerve, but differ in where the pressure is applied, yet both have the same original cause, the sacroiliac joint. The pain is most often felt in the buttocks but may follow the nerve down the back of the upper leg to the outside of the calf, and into the big toe. In some instances, it …

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