June 12, 2024

Golfers Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis) Prevention & Treatment

What is Golfer’s Elbow? Golfer’s elbow (also called baseball elbow) is the common term used to describe medial epicondylitis. This sports injury occurs from overuse or repetitive stress to the tough tissue of the elbow tendons and forearm muscles, specifically where they attach on the medial side of the elbow. It’s also a cousin to another popular repetitive sports injury known as “tennis elbow“.  Golfer’s Elbow Symptoms Those experiencing golfers …

May 10, 2024
pickleball paddle and ball resting against a pickleball net.

Pickleball Elbow: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Pickleball remains the fastest growing sport for the 3rd year in a row, having grown a staggering 223.5% since 2020. This is partly due to the sport gaining popularity as a safe way to engage in activity while staying socially distanced during the pandemic, and its notable low barrier to entry for interested players. With more locations to play and updated pickleball paddle types being added all of the time, …

May 10, 2024

Tennis Elbow Causes, Prevention and Brace Placement

“Tennis Elbow” is a common term that refers to lateral epicondylitis, affecting around 1-3% of the population. Whether you’re a professional or casual tennis player, it’s important to know the proper prevention techniques and treatment options to help you take care of your body while playing this common racquet sport.  What Causes Tennis Elbow? The culprit behind tennis elbow is overuse. The extensor muscles in your forearm are responsible for …

February 28, 2024

The Sacrum Paradox: Keystone or Suspension?

Why It Matters: The Sacroiliac Joint For proper treatment of our body’s structural core, the sacroiliac joint, it is important that we understand how it functions properly. Misconceptions regarding the interrelationship of ligaments and muscles, the shape and movement pattern of the sacroiliac joint, and other factors disguise many complications and contraindications that make treatment challenging. Is The Sacrum a Keystone or is it Suspended? Whether the sacrum functions as …

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