April 29, 2019

Understanding the Vital Roles of Ligaments, Hormones and Exercise After Pregnancy

After spending nine long months nurturing a life in the womb and experiencing the physiological and biomechanical effects of a pregnancy, you are eager to get back to your previous conditioning. But it is not as simple as returning to the exercise program you had before. Your muscles are weaker and unconditioned but, more importantly, your ligaments are also weaker. Ligaments, hormones and exercise play a key role in getting …

November 27, 2018
Side by Side Pregnancy View

The Serola SI Belt in Pregnancy

  A major consideration during pregnancy are the three of the joints of the pelvis, and their associated ligaments; two sacroiliac joints and one symphysis pubis. During Pregnancy The hormone relaxin normally occurs in both males and females but increases considerably (up to 10 times) during pregnancy. It is responsible for relaxation of the ligaments. As the ligaments relax, they stretch and allow the joints to widen in preparation for …

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