February 16, 2022

The Biomechanical Cause of Lumbar Disc Herniation

During normal anatomical standing, with balanced weight bearing, the spine should not be laterally flexed or rotated. The sacral apex should be neutral, evenly spaced between the right and left ischia. The height of the ilia should be even, with no rotation. If I am correct, this pattern may not exist on any back-pain patients. CLARIFYING SIJ MOVEMENT Balanced Movement In normal movement of the spine, most vertebrae move in …

January 19, 2022
Serola Biomechanics

Pain Relief vs Healing

With joint injury, sprained ligaments initiate a complex chain reaction as the body compensates for the resulting hypermobility. To explain this better, we should consider that ligaments serve two main functions, proprioception and joint stability. Proprioception is a means of sensing the movement pattern of the joint, including direction, speed, and acceleration, and then balance the tension of the muscles to maintain even, smooth movement; this is an essential component …

December 22, 2021

The Fallacies of the Keystone Form and Force Closure Concept

Over the past 30 years, I have researched the literature on the sacroiliac joint (SIJ) and matched it to what I found in my patients. In the early 1990s, the keystone concept of form and force closure was introduced by a group of physiotherapists in Europe[1]. They came upon an idea after finding that “A commercial device used in painting ceilings helped us to conceive the concept of the SIJ …

November 1, 2021

The Serola Difference in Sacroiliac Belts

Understanding a problem may do little good if you can’t do anything about it. For this reason, I am taking the helpful step of writing an informational blog that explains the biomechanics behind the development of the Serola Belt. The primary purpose of a sacroiliac belt (aka pelvic belt or trochanteric belt) is to keep stress off the ligaments within the joint; it does this by keeping the SIJ within …

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