Sports Injury Pain Relief

How does Serola Belt help or prevent sports injuries?

Every joint is held together by ligaments. There is no question that spraining ligaments in the knee, wrist, or other joints will cause some pain and disability. Once the ligaments sprain (tear), it makes sense to put a brace on the joint to keep it within normal range of motion, so the torn ligaments don’t continually become reinjured. Pretty much all sports, including golf, tennis, baseball, football, track and field, and even yoga commonly stress the sacroiliac joint, often to the point where micro sprains occur to the ligaments. It is unusual for a person to play sports without some injury to the sacroiliac ligaments, if only minor.

Weight lifters know that, in order to build muscle, they have to exercise to the point of breaking down the muscle fibers to a minor degree. Then, as the muscle heals, it grows and strengthens; ligaments work the same way. Although ligaments are more able to resist greater forces than muscles, they have a poorer blood supply so it takes a longer rest period for ligaments to heal. The danger of returning to the stressful activity before the tissue heals, whether its muscles or ligaments, is that the tissue will break down. Instead of growth, the tissue will undergo degeneration. Over time, cumulative trauma, even minor, can build up and result in a significant injury. Wearing the Serola Belt during strenuous activities helps limit the stress on the sacroiliac ligaments and help prevent a major injury from developing - it is as simple as that.