What does the belt help with when playing sports?

The Serola Sacroiliac Belt keeps the joint within normal range of motion, therefore prevent injury to the Sacroiliac Joint during play.  Depending on the sport that is being played, other benefits can be effectively increased strength, improved stability, decreased fatigue and reduced pain to existing injuries.

What is the importance of Core Power Transfer?

In sports and other physical activities, power comes from a stable foundation. Force transfers from the ground, up the legs to the pelvis, through the sacroiliac joint to the sacrum, and then upward through the spine to the arms. Each joint functions as a link in this kinetic chain. Smooth and efficient power transfer depends on the integrity of each link. When one link is compromised, final output power is reduced. In addition to reduced muscular strength and endurance, timing and coordination are impaired.

Because the sacroiliac joint is the center of the body's shock absorber system, it is the key joint involved in power transference. When we consider that the sacroiliac joint is supported by vast network of ligaments and muscles, it is reasonable to assume that a sprain of the sacroiliac ligaments will cause considerable muscular reaction, even at low levels of stress. The Serola Sacroiliac Belt is designed to normalize the function of the SI joint, and thereby normalize power transfer through one's core. Take our Serola Golf Stability Test.  

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