Ligaments Provide Joint Stability in More than One Way
March 6, 2015
Dr. Serola

Research has shown that almost everyone has some degree of weakness, looseness, and dysfunction in their sacroiliac joints due to ligament laxity. Ligaments hold bones together at joints but, they are much more than that; they are regulators of muscle tone. They have nerves within them that send signals to the muscles to stabilize excess movement by contracting some muscles and inhibiting, or relaxing, others in an attempt to remove the stress on the ligaments. In other words, the ligaments are protecting themselves, and they use the muscles to do it. For instance, with sacroiliac joint injury, some of the back muscles tighten while the some of the belly muscles slacken. The imbalance in these muscles leads to dysfunction, pain, and more injuries.

The Serola Belt acts like an external ligament to support the sacroiliac joints. It takes the stress off the ligaments, so the muscles don’t have to, so they can become more balanced; the tight back muscles relax and the inhibited belly muscles firm up. As a result, they are stronger, have more endurance, and less pain.

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