Serola featured in Senior Golfer
February 6, 2015
Dr. Serola

Senior Golfer recently approached Serola Biomechanics because they too realized that one of the most common issues with golfers, is back pain.  Any form of back pain for someone can cause distress and difficultly while trying to participate in the game they love.  We have all recently seen the issues experienced by Tiger Woods, even having to drop out of several high profile tournaments. 

Unfortunately, as we all get older, back pain will become more and more of a possibility and a reality.  The author of the post at Senior Golfer is able to approach back pain from this angle and expresses how the Serola Belt helped him.  At the time the article was written, the author had tested the belt for 5 rounds of golf and even tried it a few times where he split his time, wearing the belt only on the last 9 holes instead of the entire 18 holes to see if there was a difference.  He reported less pain, less fatigue and more ease with common mechanics of the body during his swing.  This resulted in him having better scores and looking forward to getting his game back where he wanted it into the mid to low 70’s.  

To read the entire article go to http://seniorgolfer.us/ and also check out our Golf Stability Video to see how the belt can help you!  Your body will thank you.

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