February 23, 2015
Spine illustration

The Sacroiliac Joint: Your body’s core

The sacroiliac joint is where the upper body meets the lower body. It is the center of motion, the center of shock absorption, and the center of power transfer between the upper and lower body.  When we talk about core, this is what we are talking about, the sacroiliac joint, not the lumbar spine.  Although lumbar disc herniation can lead to extremely severe pain due to pressure on a nerve, …

May 10, 2014

New Belt vs. Original Belt

The main difference between the orginal belt and the new belt is the material. The original belt uses COTTON webbing as interior, and the new belt uses OPEN CELL URETHANE as interior (picture shown below).  The Original belt has more weight, while the new belt has less weight. Closures are the same on both, and we use Velcro. Most of our customers prefer the new belt. New Serola Belt Original …

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