What is the difference between The Serola SI Belt and other SI Belts?
August 10, 2020

The Serola Sacroiliac Belt separates itself first with the quality and care from which it is made. It has a unique, patented combination of materials that provide the optimal tension, durability, and function to support the trunk, pelvis, and hips better than any other belt. Every single product is inspected multiple times before ever being sold and is made with high end, durable materials meant to last. Second, the function of the belt focuses not only on stabilization but normalization of the SI joint, where other products do not. Some belts are simple elastic structures that are wrapped around the body. The ligaments are essentially non-elastic, therefore elasticity cannot establish a stop point. Other belts try to lock the SI Joint, but that to can restrict the joint causing further injury. The Serola Belt uses a combination of a strong structure, supplemented by an elastic layer to place the joint into normal range of function. This not only stabilizes the joint allowing for pain relief, but it normalizes the joint allowing injury prevention and healing.

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