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Hip Adductors

Acting together, these muscles pull the ilia anteriorly into counternutation [1]p409-424.

Origin: Pectineal line on superior pubic ramus
Insertion: Pectineal (spiral) line on the posterior surface of the femur

Adductor Brevis
Origin: Anterior inferior pubic ramus
Insertion: Proximal third of linea aspera

Adductor Longus
Origin: Anterior pubis
Insertion: Linea aspera of femur

Origin: Pubis
Insertion: Proximal medial surface of tibia

Adductor Maximus (Anterior Head)
Origin: Ischial ramus
Insertion: Entire linea aspera of femur

The posterior head of the Adductor Maximus is actually a pelvic extensor; therefore, it induces nutation


  1. Neumann, D., Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System. Foundations for Physical Medicine. 2002: Mosby.
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