Outline View

Lateral View

The lateral view will show anterior tilt of the pelvis (A/S – hip flexion), but with straightening of the lumbar spine superior to L3, producing an increased lumbosacral lordosis. The transitional area from L3 to S1 will become compressed posteriorly, leading to facet syndrome, posterior disc herniation, lateral canal stenosis with nerve root impingement, spondylolisthesis, and anterior thoracic vertebrae (straight back syndrome), and lumbosacral hypomobility. In turn, some of the motion that should occur in the lumbosacral spine, particularly during gait, will transfer to the sacroiliac joint, inducing greater hypermobility, in another positive degenerative cycle; ie, sacroiliac joint hypermobility – lumbosacral hypomobility – sacroiliac joint hypermobility.

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