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Serola Gel Arc Elbow Brace

Dr. Serola researched the causes of chronic elbow pain and the symptoms of overuse. Recognizing the
inadequate support of existing elbow braces, he designed the Gel Arc elbow brace to more effectively reduce muscle tension, shock and vibration. Achieving the status of the most comfortable and the most effective elbow brace on the market, Serola’s Gel Arc Elbow Brace remains unique in quality and design.

Common Problem
CAUSE: Elbow pain may occur from overuse through activities such as tennis, golf, bowling, arthritis, stress and strains, and some types of carpal tunnel syndrome.
EFFECT: Elbow pain arises when contracted muscles tear the periosteum and/or tendons at their
attachments to the epicondyle. Continued overuse weakens the body’s ability to heal.

How it Works
Serola’s unique design enables maximum relief and flexibility when placed between the muscles and the epicondyle.

The Serola Difference
The Serola Gel Arc Elbow Brace is superior in elbow support, designed to stop pain more effectively with:
        -Dual-Sided Gel Arc – concentrated or diffused pressure for maximum relief
        -Secondary Attachment Point – significantly reduces pull at epicondyle and allows better muscle function
        -Location – the arc affects more muscles and tendons as they converge near the epicondyle
        -Absorption – the gel is a superior barrier, absorbs both shock and vibration better than other braces
        -Foam Pad – hypoallergenic pad under buckle enhances comfort, reduces irritation
        -Uniquely interchangeable for right or left arm, lateral or medial epicondyle.
        -Patent Pending Shortening System means one size fits all.

What to Watch Out For
Other elbow braces provide relief by compressing the muscle. Compression lessens the ability of the muscle to pull, reducing muscle performance and altering joint dynamics. This can lead to further injury and pain.

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