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Alteration of the spinal curves alters the biomechanics of the entire body
Problems accompanying altered spinal curvature may include muscle tension, reduced blood supply to the muscles and other tissues, and accelerated degeneration of the spine, which may be expressed as osteoarthritis, spondylosis, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, or facet syndrome. Serolatrac helps by stretching the muscles and returning the curves toward normal, which may help prevent osteoarthritis and other degenerative conditions, while increasing mobility and reducing muscle tension and pain.

How it Works
Serolatrac directly tractions the spine and sacrum without stressing the SI ligaments, thereby mobilizing L3-L4-L5-S1 and relieving compression of discs, facets, and nerve roots.

Serolatrac Mobilization Series
In addition to treatment of specific areas individually, Serolatrac can also be used to improve overall spinal mobility. To do this, lie in the five positions illustrated below for 2 minutes each per day. For best results, complete the full series in one session.

SYMPTOMS: Back pain, hip pain, leg pain, sciatica, numbness, stiffness
CAUSE: Lumbosacral hyperlordosis, sacroiliac dysfunction, spinal stenosis, disc herniation, facet syndrome, osteoarthritis, and other degenerative conditions
OVERVIEW: Serolatrac aids in properly aligning the spine by eliminating facet jamming and disc compression. During normal motion each motor unit moves a few degrees. When one or more units become hypomobile, a compensatory hypermobility occurs at adjacent motor units, especially the Sacroiliac (SI) joint.

SYMPTOMS: Lower back, hip, and leg pain and stiffness.
CAUSE: Hypolordosis above L3 and hyperlordosis below L3. May be associated with anterior pelvic tilt.
OVERVIEW: Adjusts to any size body. Distributes pressure evenly throughout curve. Excellent when used as a standalone treatment, but it is especially beneficial in helping to restore curvature after conventional traction has stretched the muscles and ligaments and flattened the curve. Helps reduce lumbothoracic arthrosis.

SYMPTOMS: Stiff neck, headaches, neck pain, tingling in extremities, carpal tunnel syndrome, dizziness, TMJ dysfunction, ringing in ears, muscle spasms, decreased blood circulation, muscle tension.
CAUSE: Prolonged sitting in front of a computer, whiplash, text neck, forward head posture, disc herniation, facet syndrome, osteoarthritis, twisting of the spine, other degenerative conditions.
OVERVIEW: Serolatrac adjusts to any size neck, distributing pressure evenly throughout the cervical spine, while providing traction and curve restoration, optimizing biomechanical function. Also, should be used as a supplement after conventional inline traction to help re-establish normal curvature. Helps reduce cervical arthrosis.

Thoracic (Prone)
SYMPTOMS: Pain between the shoulders, rib pain, headaches, tingling in the hands.
CAUSE: Anterior Thoracic Vertebrae (ATV) due to whiplash, prolonged raising arms overhead, reading, osteoarthritis, twisting of the spine, other degenerative conditions.
OVERVIEW: Serolatrac can be used to treat Anterior Thoracic Vertebrae (ATV) by using the rib cage as a spring. Pressure on the chest is relayed through the ribs to the vertebrae. This spring-like action slowly and gently tractions the individual rib spaces, decompresses the tissues, and releases the muscles. Pressure is distributed evenly throughout the thoracic spine while returning the curve toward normal.

Thoracic (Supine)
SYMPTOMS: Pain between the shoulders, rib pain, headaches, tingling in the hands.
CAUSE: Hyperkyphosis. Associated with straight cervical spine.
OVERVIEW: Reduces hyperkyphosis. Extends and opens the ribcage, stretches chest and abs.

What to Watch Out For
Conventional lumbar traction units incorrectly attach at the pelvis, transferring pull through the SI joints. During traction, force is generated to pull the ilia away from the sacrum, placing stress on the SI ligaments. In most low back pain syndromes, SI ligaments are already sprained and the additional stress of conventional lumbar traction devices increases pain and dysfunction.

The Serola Advantage
        -Inflatable and adjustable
        -Soft and comfortable
        -Distributes pressure evenly throughout curve
        -Provides both traction and curve restoration
        -Affordable, convenient, and effective home treatment
        -Great for home & office

Conventional traction stretches muscles and ligaments and flattens the cervical, thoracic,and lumbar curves. Serolatrac stretches muscles andligaments and increases the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar curves while adjusting to the shape of each person’s unique curve. Beneficial when used as a complement to conventional traction.

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